The RV Rev Up Continues! No Sew Dinette Cushions!

My next project was the task of re-upholstering the dinette cushions.  I looked at a ton of blogs and how tos on how to make new cushions.  Problem is, I am not an expert sewer.  Yes, I can make some pillows and such but cushions?  With ZIPPERS?  No...not ready.  Plus, we are on a budget so having a company do them for us was out of the question.  Here is what I was dealing with:

As you can see, more ugly blue and mauve.  They were 17 years old.  The cushions were actually in good condition but old and drab and needed a facelift.  But again, I wanted to do this with NO SEWING!  So how?  I found this great blog and used it as my guide! 
Here is what you are going to need:
  1. Large piece of plywood.  *(measuring needed, see below) 1/2 inch thick to be cut or have cut at store
  2. Foam pieces to replace old foam. *(measuring needed, see below)
  3. Heavy duty staple gun (same used for valence overhaul works great)
  4. Heavy duty staples
  5. Scissor
  6. Upholstery fabric *(recommended, needs measuring)

Let's get started!

First take all the old covers off and toss them!  (I do not have a picture of that.  I am sure you get the idea!).  Then take the foam and measure it.  Mine are square so it was pretty easy.  Measure length, width and thickness. 
*Measure the back cushion x2 and the seat cushion x2.  Add together and that tells you how much foam you will need.  You can find this foam at craft stores or online.  Also, if your foam is in good shape just use it again and recycle!  Surprisingly, mine was pretty decent except for the one where a mouse must have taken up residence a while ago so that was replaced.  Now cut your foam using a electric knife or jigsaw.
Next you need to calculate for the wood.  The wood should be slightly smaller then the foam.  I made it easy and took 1 inch on each side. 
*So, if my cushion was 36 inches long by 12 inches wide, I knew I needed a 34 x 10 piece of wood (1 inch on all sides).
I then added it all and knew what size piece of plywood to buy (of course I threw out the paper with all my measurements so I can't tell you what mine actually were.)  Or you can bring your measurements to your local home improvement store and have them cut for you.  Much easier to transport and save you buying a circular saw!
Now the last measurement.  This is kind of archaic but this is what I did.  I put a piece of foam on plywood and measured all the way around to know how much fabric I will need.  I know, not the most accurate but hey, it works! (times each by 2 and you got it!)


Now the hardest part, CHOOSING FABRIC!

You can use any fabric but I opted for upholstery fabric as it is a bit thicker and made for this sort of thing.  We do not have a fabric store that close to us and again, we are on a budget so I went to Walmart!  They always have stuff on sale and have a nice selection.  Since we have been doing blue and white in the living room, I stuck with that theme and chose a nice stripe that I knew I could line up properly when stapling. 
Now, using your measurements, cut the fabric.  OR, just lay the fabric down, wrap it around the first piece and cut.  then use that as your pattern for the other cushion the same size.  Hey, KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). 
Next, take your cut fabric, lay it on the floor, put foam down first and then wood on top and wrap.

Then pull one side and fold over edge and staple.  (I did this to be neat.  My cutting of the fabric was not so straight....)

Then pull as tight as you can on the other side and do the same.  If you have stripes, like me, try to line up the stripes so the fabric is straight when you flip it.  If you just have a pattern this isn't so important.

The sides can get a bit tricky but just wrap them like a present.  Make it as neat as possible.  Trim the edges if you have to.  Just keep folding and stapling....

And VIOLA!  Finished cushion!
NOW do the other 3 and you have it.  It really took no time as all and looks SO MUCH BETTER. 

One important thing to keep in mind. Once you cut the wood, place it down in the dinette as if you were using it as a bed to make sure it fits.  There should be no problem because you are making the wood 1 inch on all sides smaller but if you use the dinette as a bed ever, you need these to fit. 
Again, SUPER SUPER Simple!  Cost?  Fabric was $6 a yard and I used about 5-6 yards.  $35.  Wood (we had it already so nothing) and foam (we only needed 1 piece and we had that from the foam in the overhead!) so...$35!   If anyone tries it, please post pics to my comments section!
BTW, I did all of this in my RV so you don't even need that much space! 



  1. Loved your easy way of upholstering. Having a base to staple to makes it work. Loved the "wrap it like a package".

    Another way might be to just use a glue gun to glue the fabric to the old fabric. Or could hand stitch. Who actually takes off the old cushions? Zippers are only used to create cushions for sofas - learned that when selling furniture.

    1. I like the glue gun idea! That is another option.. TY

  2. really great. . .nothing better than making it your own!